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Any Canon character!
Weiss Schnee by TheninjaOshawott
The same as a concept except not an OC or an already established designed OC!
Oh Look Chihiro by TheninjaOshawott
Hatashi Koki by TheninjaOshawott
Usagi by TheninjaOshawott
pUELLA TAKNO by TheninjaOshawott
A quick sketch of anything you like, this can be backgrounds/settings, people, etc. Still no nudity allowed!
This can be a cheap way of getting a concept art if you dont mind sketchy lines etc etc.
It's still rather expensive since I'm going to allow certain guidelines that you may request
-One colour of line used throughout it (I usually use multiple colours to distinquish things but I will do this if you request!)
-Lines coloured according to the object they are outlining
- No guidelines like face etc
Concept Art
Tanjerin Tekina by TheninjaOshawott
Untitled by
Kamitia Concept Art by TheninjaOshawott
I will draw a character of yours given the information needed. I'm not good with anthro and I don't do nudity sorry! Preferably if you make them in a dressup so I don't misinterpret your design brief. (Send me it via note too! Also remind me if I haven't done it in a week!) If your first language is not English or you do not thing you've provided a suitable description I don't mind you sending me a design you made yourself on a base or a dressup. 
This is ONE drawing by the way not a whole lot of them in different poses. I'd love to practice it and I can only improve through practice! I'll add a sparse/cloud background with their main colours.

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Hatashi Koki by TheninjaOshawott
Hatashi Koki
Yooo this is my Lolita OC Hatashi Koki! She's super cute and cool and sassy af
Tourmaline by TheninjaOshawott
Gem name: Tourmaline
Gender: Female
Romantic orientation: Panromantic
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Weapon: Tourmaline's weapon is a singular glove. The glove is a hardened form of the gem composing her body. It enhances the strength of her arm. She can summon 2 of these, but prefers having only one, as the glove can shoot blades of light. She can transform the glove(s) into a drill to mine for rare minerals and even unearth gems.
Gem placement: Left shoulder
Gem: Tourmaline is a 5,6 foot tall gem. Her "skin" is a pale magenta. Her hair transitions from light purple to deep blue to light blue (from bottom to top). She wears a sleeveless blue top with blue diamonds in the middle. She wears a ripped, semi-pleated skirt that gradients from cyan to light pink. Her top possesses two protruding triangular shapes in place of sleeves. She wears magenta boots along with blue lace. Her eyes are opposites, her right eye is blue whereas her left eye is a pale pink/purple.
Power 1: Tourmaline possesses electro-kinetic immunity. This means that she is immune to any forms of electro-kinetic attacks even physical electro-kinetic attacks pose no effect to her  aside from the physical blow.
Power 2: Tourmaline also possesses photokinesis. She can radiate a bright pink or blue light from her body to illuminate areas. She generally does this so she can see where she is going in caves and mines. She can also harness this light physically and shoot them at opponents.
Age: Tourmaline claims that she is around 5,358- 5,381 years old, having forgotten exactly when she was created.
Personality: Tourmaline is a very confident gem. She understands that she is very attractive due to the beautiful combination of colours that compose her. She likes to show off in front of others, often irradiating a dim, but noticeable light, to make her appear to glow and appear ethereal. This usually leads to her ordering them around, placing herself like a "Divine Entity". This usually leads her to abusing this "Divine" authority to get others to do her bidding. It generally lasts a couple hours before the person realizes that she can just illuminate and no more. When fighting, she tends to expend energy glowing, to make herself seem elegant, beautiful and precise, when really all she is doing is wasting energy in doing this. She also overestimates her powers, she usually puts less effort into photokinetic blasts, than she needs to as she feels she doesn't need to put in as much energy.
Alignment: Tourmaline sided with homeworld as she felt they were more capable and that Earth was nothing more than a planet to farm from. She hadn't fought in the war, but helped with the Kindergarten project, unearthing gems and such to research the chemical structural differences of Earth gems and Homeworld gems. After the Kindergarten was abandoned, she had been left alone on Earth as she had took refuge deep in mines to avoid being defeated by the Crystal Gems. 
Lapis Lazuli by TheninjaOshawott
Lapis Lazuli
I kinda really wanted to draw Lapis. So I just drew her slammed a water effect on to her and gave her a mirror behind her back, she isn't supposed to look like she's carrying it by the way.
Lapis Lazuli (c) Rebecca Sugar
Ok, so it's time I got something off my chest that's been bugging me... So last September my mother died suddenly of a cerebral haemorrhage, it had happened so suddenly I didn't know how to react. I didn't want to come right out and say it so I decided to let things roll on dA for a while, a few things happened, a few misunderstandings, etc. Only really really close friends from dA had been told, since I didn't really want it being spread around like wildfire and I didn't want it to affect anyone's opinion of me. Now, a few people discovered after making... questionable comments... no fault on their part but it was quite a stupid dispute. So I guess uhh... That is an update as to what had happened and why I was so inactive. I wanted to leave this for a while, I didn't want to go around screaming and shouting about it after it happened, I was planning on telling some friends I used to know but I realized they should figure out passively, than me going out of my way to tell them.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Ok so I am Osha, also known as Scott and Weiss-schneeze on Tumblr! I like drawing but I don't update constantly sorry! I'm not as good as the amazing artists on this website but I'd like to say I'm fairly skilled. I tend to dislike meeting new people, unless it's through rp,etc. A sidenote is that I absolutely hate when people trace and say they drew something, when people lie for no reason and constantly seek attention. I have many amazing and wonderful friends from deviantArt and from real life these are-

(In no particular order)

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